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Reach your Excos!

09:14:39 28.02.2012 posted by Ulaps at 09:14:39 28.02.2012   |  55 Comments 
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Sports secretary           - 08163104890 General Secretary        - 07035586539 Asst. Gen sec               - 08068160297 Social Secretary           - 07065272097 Financial Secretary      - 07068090294 Welfare Secretary      …
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So far, so good

12:13:23 04.02.2012 posted by Ulaps at 12:13:23 04.02.2012   |  0 Comments 
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Hello to you On behalf of all the executives i want to say a big thank you to you all for your support so far. Being a set of executives not blessed with the luxury of time, you all have been patient and has encouraged us through various ways possible. As you all know, we just clocked 3-months in office, while it has not been a walk in the park, its been a worthwhile experiance. i'll be …
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Its a new day for ULAPS, as we launch a new website

00:03:38 10.12.2010 posted by Webadmin at 00:03:38 10.12.2010   |  7 Comments 
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It is really a new dawn for the University of Lagos Association of Physiotherapy Students (ULAPS) as we launch a new dynamic and interactive website.
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