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About Us

Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Clinical Sciences

 Head - Dr. O.A. Olawale, B.Sc, M.Ed, PhD (Lagos)

The Department of Physiotherapy, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos was established in July 1, 1980. Prior to that date (precisely from September, 1970) the Department functioned as a sub-unit in the Department of Paediatrics of the College of Medicine, awarding then Diploma Certificates in Physiotherapy. At the end of the course of studies with effect from July 1, 1980 a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy is awarded.

Physiotherapy is physical treatment, management and rehabilitation of disease conditions, deformities (either congenital or acquired and truamatic injuries ) by physical means such as physical exercise, as in exercise therapy; massage; manipulations, both of the soft tissue and the musculoskeletal system of human body, and the use of physical agents such as water at varying temperatures (i.e as applicable in Hydrotherapy) hot liquid paraffin wax at therapeutic temperatures; light of radiations; heat as obtainable from moist, dry or radient media; non ateradial anti-inflammatory drugs; electricity including the therapeutic uses low, medium and high frequency electrical currents, ice and cold media as in cyotherapy, supportive gadgets; mechanical and electromechanical appliances; and mechanical vibrations including the therapeutic use of ultrasonic energy.

In order to enhance a comprehensive health care delivery, the essential components of physiotherapy which are very prominent today include:

1. Diagnostic Physiotherapy.
2. Preventive Physiotherapy.
3. Therapeutic Physiotherapy.
4. Curative Physiotherapy.
5. Rehabilitative Physiotherapy.

1   Prof. I. O. Owoeye           Professor    Male   
2    Dr. S. R. A. Akinbo          Associate Professor    Male   
3    Mr. C. B. Aiyejusunle      Senior Lecturer    Male   
4    Dr. O. A. Olawale            Senior Lecturer    Male   
5    Dr. D. O. Odebiyi             Lecturer I    Male   
6    Dr.(Mrs.) A. Tella             Lecturer I    Female   
7    Mr.U. A. C. Okafor           Lecturer II    Male  
8    Mrs. O. A. Osho               Lecturer II    Female   
9    Mrs. H. A. Aweto              Lecturer II    Female   
10    Mrs. A. K. Akodu            Lecturer II    Female  
11    Mr. C. A. Gbiri                 Lecturer II    Male   
12    Mr. O. B. Owoeye           Lecturer II    Male